The Dollop with Dave Anthony and Gareth Reynolds
9 - The Pendragon

Dave Anthony and Gareth Reynolds discuss the Pendragon of Dave's hometown in 1982.



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8 - The Dolphin

Dave Anthony and Gareth Reynolds discuss dolphin "researcher" John C Lilly.



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7 - American Vampire Panic

Dave Anthony and Gareth Reynolds discuss the American Vampire Panic of the 19th century.



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6 - The Tank Chase

Dave and Gareth Reynolds discuss the tragic life that lead up to the greatest police chase in American history



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5 - Hugh Glass

Dave Anthony and Gareth Reynolds discuss legendary American mountain man Hugh Glass



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4 - Ghosts

Dave Anthony and Gereth Reynolds discuss the currect ghost situation in America and abroad.



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Gareth Reynolds joins Dave for another episode.  This time Competitive Endurance Tickling is discussed.



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2 - Purity Balls

Gareth Reynolds is back to discuss the beauty of purity balls.



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Dave and guest Gareth Reynolds discuss the crazy cow guy and his stand off with the BLM in Nevada.



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